Thursday, February 21, 2008

Add fields to the ACT! Layout

A new field can be added in the ACT! layout as long as it has not been already added to the layout.

Before you add the field to the layout, you need to create a new field, if it doesn't already exist.

To add a new field.

(1) From Edit menu of Contact View, select Define Fields

(2) In the Define Fields dialog, click New Field button to add a new field.

(3) Enter the New Field name and field properties (type, length, etc.)

(4) After adding all the new fields, click OK

(5) ACT! will reindex the database with the new fields

(6) Now go to Design Layout screen to modify your layout with new fields.

(7) Click the Field tool in the tool palette

(8) Position the pointer where you want to insert the field, and drag to define the size of the field

(9) From the Fields dialog box, select the field you want to add

(10) Click Add


  1. Already knew this. I need a way of showing a summary field in the design layout (not a report). For each customer, I want to see at a glance their total $ spent.

    1. hey anonymous did you figure this out?


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